Surpass Hobby has released the latest 1:10 touring car competition motor, the Rocket-RC 540 V6 sensored brushless motor.  Complying  ROAR, BRCA, EFRA & IFMAR certification, the motor range includes Stock 10.5T/13.5T/17.5T/21.5T variants and in Modified 3.5T~9.5T.  Features of the motor are a new unique stator mold design, to provide strong torque and high speed and a CNC machining 7075 aluminium cooling case.  To maximise conductivity it uses 1EI /AIW(H) grade American MWS brand copper wire and has a precision adjustable mechanical inlet, Angle 0~60°, double sensor standard port.


Other key features

.Electroplated black stator no aging rust phenomenon.

.Removable/replaceable rotor fittings for high speed motor.

.Front and back splicing appearance/structure, obtained Chinese patent.

.35.8mm Class 540 full-size stator coil outer diameter increases output power by 15%

.Internal welding magnesium titanium alloy heat dissipation; Reduce heat loss.

.NSK originally imported from Japan R2zz ball bearing, rotor unimpeded.

.Thickened welded gold-plated copper sheet; High power unimpeded input.

.Aluminium, iron and boron strong magnetic explosion proof rotor, TURBO speed up to 80,000rpm.

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